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Hello Again!

Am looking for carefree, fun-loving couples who are passionately in love! Currently based in Florence, Oregon; but totally love photographing anywhere! Check out my dream locations list below!

As a former teacher, I am...

  • An organizer/ create timelines, back-up photos, etc.

  • Believer in life-long education... constantly learning and adding service/products.

  • Capable of directing groups efficiently and making it fun!

Destination wedding  photographer and videographer

My Why

People are my passion!

Ultimately, photography is about capturing moments. Moments that will never happen again. Weddings are some of the most special moments in a couple's life. The emotions and the love are paramount. Years from now, you should be able to look back and relive those precious moments.

I didn't go to college for photography or dream of being a photographer. In fact, while I've loved art/creativity all my life, I never would have guessed I'd be doing my own business in photography. Photography has combined my love of creativity and enjoyment of people/having fun. 

Dream Locations to Shoot!

  • Hawaii

  • Scotland

  • Ireland

  • England

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Paris

  • Yosemite

  • Maine

  • New York

  • Florida

  • Texas

  • South Carolina

  • Virginia

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